Writing Down the Self

Join us for an internal journey of self-discovery and realization through writing. Explore different facets of your personality each week through guided exercises that will expand your thinking and feeling self. Each week we will introduce a new topic for deep reflection and journaling. Topics to explore will begin with questions and may include: Who am I? What do I believe about love? How do I make discussions? Where am I going? Where am I stuck? How can I be happy? What do I want more of in my life? What do I believe about myself? And many more.

No previous writing experience required! We will practice various forms of spontaneous or “free writing” exercises. If you’ve ever considered or wish you could use writing as a way to deepen and explore yourself, this series of workshops will give you a head start in that direction.

We meet at my cottage deep in the heart of Glenmoore, Chester County, out of doors, (weather permitting) and embedded in nature. After a brief introduction of the topic and instructions, you will find a welcoming seat on the 22-acre property nestled in the countryside. Enjoy the embrace of the surrounding trees, the fresh air, the bleating of goats, the sweet song of birds, and sound of the stream flowing by as you sink into undisturbed private time with yourself. In a word… Heaven.

Join us for one or all eight weeks.

No previous writing experience or proficiency required! We will practice various forms of spontaneous – or “free writing” – exercises that parallel Assagioli’s methods of free drawing techniques. If you’ve ever considered or wished you could use writing as a way to deepen or even share all that you are learning and gaining through psychosynthesis, this workshop will give you a good head start in that direction!

 REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Instructions below.

Dates: September 26,

            October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

            November 7, 14

Time: 8:30-10:00am

Cost: $35/week paid via Venmo or PayPal (checkout below)

Limited seating – 10 tickets

Cancelation: 72 hours notice via email to Karen@tabularasacoaching.com

For payment and registration, please send an email with your name and dates of attendance to: Karen@tabularasacoaching.com with a subject line: “Writing Down the Self Workshop” – I will then send an invoice for you to pay.

For questions or additional information, please contact me at Karen@tabularasacoaching.com

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